Towards the end of the Theos Age, Auros Arq rebelled and created the Golden Empire. As the Golden Empire grew, Auros Arq marked Theos Iro's death as 1 OF. The Golden Empire was an extremely influential nation that normalized auru as the common currency.

Influence of the Golden Empire Edit

Auros Arq died in 57 OF, with one of the largest and most prosperous empires to ever exist. He had conquered Reubenel, Odicia and Belora, and had near complete control of trade routes around the world. The Golden Empire also put heavy regulations on language. Speaking any language other than Aurish was looked down upon. These regulations made Aurish the common language of the world for centuries to come.

The Golden Empire's Decline Edit

After Auros Arq's death the Golden Empire entered a slow 60 year long decline. First there was conflict as to who would inherit the throne. Auros Arq's children believed they should inherit it, while the upper class wanted a republic. Auros Arq's children was lost. The new rulers of the Golden Empire proved to be much less competent at business and trade than Auros Arq. The empire's coffers diminished while the riches quality of life never wavered. In 87 OF Fedrakia cut off all ties with other countries. In 95 OF Frantier declared war against the Golden Empire to gain control over the Beloran Mountains. The Aurish armies lost in devastating fashion. Within the next couple decades, the Reubens rebelled and the Aurish were pushed out of Tilden. In 117 OF Auros Arq's descendant Tyle Aurson took the throne in a revolution.

Auruhem Edit

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