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Fedrakia(IPA: Fɛdɾeqia) is an ancient nation on a peninsula, bordering the Scorching Sea and the Grand Ocean. It is the land which was first settled by humans on the First Ship. Fedrakia is primarily known for becoming the Black Empire during the Theos Age, which was the most powerful and ruthless empire to date. Theos Iro was a Perennial who ruled the Black Empire for the entire Theos Age.

The Black Empire Edit

As the Rudic Empire collapsed, Theos Iro arrived on the shores of Gilos aboard the Third Ship. Theos had an affinity to magic like no other, and within a few years he conquered Fedrakia and created The Black Empire(Thelosi: Thaen Iqarqen IPA: Θeɛn Iqaɾqɛn). The Fedraki invasion of Frantier marked the beginning of the Theos Age. During the Theos Age, Fedrakia expanded and conquered the entire known world. Theos placed Perennial lords or arqs and ruled the land with little to no mercy.

Though every nation around the world agrees that Theos had a motive, no one agrees fully as to what that motive was. Tales in the Mountain Kingdoms say that Theos was looking for a girl, his long lost daughter. Tales in the Tilden say that he was looking for a black-haired witch, and in Andes, they say he was searching for his black-haired lover. In Moraia, they say he searched for a stone which would allow him to shatter the Never-Ending Storm. And in Sadara, they say he searched for a weapon to defeat Ornithes, a bird god who is prophesied to end the world.

Either the death of Sidors Arq or the Battle on the Red Shore marks the beginning of the Black Empire's decline. After the Crystal Invasion a string of rebellions took place. Within a few years Fedrakia had most of its territories. The Black Empire truly fell when Theos Iro was slain by Seya Voyan at the Battle of Fated Heroes.

Magic Edit

Ichor: Black liquid placed inside the crucible which is required for Wishes. 

Wishes: The rudimentary magic that requires ichor and a sentient's sacrifice to grant someone anything they want.

Altars: All Wishes have to be made at an Altar. An Altar consists of a crucible and a blackstone monolith.

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